samedi 14 juillet 2018

Fallout 4 Northern Springs Mod Brings Winter to the Wasteland, New Areas, Weapons and More

Modular Illusions has released a brand new mod for Fallout 4, Norther Springs. The Northern Springs mod by creator 'Jsraphneic' aims to bring Winter to the wasteland, but it's much more than simple snow on the ground. This is a new land DLC, and the mod's creator boasts that it's much bigger than that of both the Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC.

This mod has been under development for two years and the location was built up from scratch. Upon loading the ESM, the option to visit Northern Springs will be at the very top left corner of the map.

According to the mod's official description, "Northern Springs is an upcoming Fallout 4 Mod for the PC & possibly the XBox One. It introduces a whole new worldspace that expands beyond the Commonwealth into the deep forests of Northern Massachusetts. Adds, several new location settlements, factions, weapons, quests and much more!" 

This is what you have to look forward to:

  • Over 25 quests
    • Radiant quests also work
  • 4 jobs to choose from
    • Cage fighter
    • Deathclaw fighter
    • Book collector
    • Bounty hunter
  • 4 new followers
    • Fully voiced and functional
  • 3 new settlements
    • Waker's Creek
    • Helen's Farm
    • Weskan Farm
  • 2 playerhomes
  • "Tons" of new locations
  • Random ghost spotting
  • New weapons
  • New armor
  • New set of enemies
The creator reiterated that this is meant to be "true DLC" and not just a simple reskin. Those interested can download this mod from here. Have fun!

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