samedi 14 juillet 2018

Ghost of Tsushima Developer Reveal Their Ambitious Goals For The Game’s World

Ghost of Tsushima looks like of the most interesting PlayStation 4 exclusives on the horizon. Ghost of Tsushima is an action adventure game by Sucker Punch (Sly Cooper, inFamous) set in Feudal Japan- and when its gameplay was unveiled on Sony’s E3 stage last month, the one thing that stood out more than anything was its gorgeous open world, a lush realization, seemingly, of the historical setting it seeks to emulate.

In the latest GamesTM magazine (issue 202), Art Director Jason Connell shared a brief statement on how the team at Sucker Punch is categorically trying to make a living world- and not just in the buzzword sense, but in the sense where the whole world seems to move around the player. "Having everything move, if it can move make it move, was a very ambitious goal for us from the very beginning. and we’re achieving it! you walk around the game world and you’ll be like ‘Oh my god, everything around me is moving!" Connel said.

That is something we saw in the gameplay footage last month- the reeds swayed in the wind, the clouds moved across the sky, casting shadows, and the whole world around the player seemed to be idyllic, but more importantly, alive. Hopefully, the same amount of care went into every aspect of the game, too. Ghost of Tsushima will be out exclusively for the PS4 at an unspecified date in the future.

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