vendredi 3 août 2018

Insomniac Games Don’t Expect Resistance 4 To Be Its Next Title.

Many gamers would surely have fond memories of Resistance: Fall of Man being their first game on the PS3, but the game been missing in action since the disappointing PlayStation Vita spin-off Resistance: Burning Skies released in 2012. There are still gamers out there, though, clamoring for a Resistance 4. But sadly, Insomniac Games has confirmed that it has no plans to develop any Resistance title in the future. 

In an interview with the Australian website Finder, Insomniac Games Community Director James Stevenson said
that Resistance 4 “ feels like a longshot to me,But I have learned over the years to never say never. I think there are a lot of people out there that have fond memories of a Resistance game from the PS3, but yeah, never say never, it’s just that we have no plans to make another Resistance game in the future.”

Stevenson mentioned that Sony does own the intellectual property, so it could put another developer at the helm if it really wanted to. It “would be up to Sony”, confirms Stevenson, he reminds us that other developers have actually developed Resistance games in the past. These include Bend Studio’s Resistance: Retribution in 2009 and nStigate Games’ Resistance: Burning Skies in 2012, and that’s a good thing since the franchise could be revived any time at the company’s discretion.

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