mercredi 23 janvier 2019

Super Robot Wars T New Screenshots Showcase Characters, Robots, Pilots, Weapons and More

Today Bandai Namco has released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming tactical role-playing game Super Robot Wars T. The new screens features several characters, robots, pilots, aircraft, weapons, and more. ( via 4Gamer )

Super Robot Wars T releases on March 20, 2019 in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. An English-language release has also been announced for Southeast Asia. Be sure to check out the new screenshots below:

  • Robot name (ally)Shin Getter Dragon
  • Pilot name: Ryouma Nagare, Hayato Jin, and Benkei Kuruma
  • Weapon name: Getter Tomahawk 

  • Robot name (ally)Bellvine
  • Pilot nameShion Zaba
  • Weapon nameAura Sword 

  • Robot name (ally)Great Mazinger
  • Pilot nameTetsuya Tsurugi
  • Weapon nameBreast Burn

  • Robot name (ally)Arcadia
  • Pilot name: Captain Harlock, Tochiro Oyama 
  • Weapon namePulsar canon project 

  • Warship name (enemy)Photon Warship 

  • Robot name (ally)Magic Knight Rayearth 
  • Pilot nameHikaru Shidou
  • Weapon nameRed lightning bolt

  • Robot name (ally)GaoGaiGar
  • Pilot nameGuy Shishioh
  • Weapon nameDeviation Driver 

  • Robot name (enemy): EI-15

  • Robot name (ally)New Arhan
  • Pilot nameAngela Balzac
  • Weapon nameLong barrel rifle

  • Robot name (ally)God Gundam
  • Pilot nameDomon Kasshu
  • Weapon nameExplosive Heat Godfinger 

  • Robot name (enemy)Death Army

  • Robot name (ally)Swordfish II
  • Pilot nameSpike Spiegel
  • Weapon nameBebop Formation I 

  • Robot name (ally)Windam
  • Pilot nameFuu Hououji
  • Weapon nameBlue Gust

  • Robot name (ally)El Dora Soul
  • Pilot nameNero, Jose, Barrio, Carlos
  • Weapon nameEldora Attack

  • Robot name (ally): Tiranade
  • Pilot nameSaizou Tokitou
  • Weapon namemega · buster · striker

  • Robot name (ally): Tiranade
  • Pilot nameSagiri Sakurai
  • Weapon nameMagna · Beam launcher

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